2024 Crusaders Heritage Jersey

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Manufacturer: Classic Sportswear

Sizes: Available in Medium, Large, XL, 2XL & 3XL

Condition: Brand New, Boomfa Vintage is now an official stockist for Classic Sportswear!

Free Shipping in NZ! Buy local, not from a big box retailer.

The heritage jersey that everyone wanted... for the last 5 years... and NOW, we have it!

Classic have lived up to their name and delivered the iconic 1997 Crusaders Jerseys, modernised and redesigned for today's fans to grab at a price point well under the $500 mark like their Temex predecessors.

This design takes Crusaders fans back to the days of legends like Marshall, Blackadder, Maxwell and Mehrts. Back to the days when the Crusaders won their first 3-peat. Although the modern logo has been used, I'm happy they went back to embroidered logos.

There are a limited number available in Size Medium, Large, XL, 2XL & 3XL. This is an experiment for BV and I'm curious to see if vintage fans will trust my small business with their loyalty over the big boys like Rebel & Stirling. If you do, please buy one! Or if I don't have your size, please shoot me a message and I will keep it in mind if and when I reorder. 

Note: I didn't order Women's or Children's sizes (as this isn't my target audience) but let me know if you'd like them, as I certainly will if demand is there!



Pit to Pit: 54cm
Label to Hem: 71cm


Pit to Pit: 57cm
Label to Hem: 73cm


Pit to Pit: 60cm
Label to Hem: 76cm


Pit to Pit: 63cm
Label to Hem: 77cm


Pit to Pit: 66cm
Label to Hem: 78cm